The Resilient Edge

Jun 10 2024 | Recherches

In the face of endless change and ongoing disruption, organisations are recognising the need to build a resilient workforce that's capable of coping with the economic and technical challenges as a key strategic tool to drive transformation.

In APAC, we recently brought together leaders in HR, talent, leadership and learning from globally renowned organisations to share perspectives and insights on unlocking human potential to overcome change and crisis.

In this whitepaper, you will draw insights from our discussions with HR leaders who attended our ANZ Client Summit and explore the role of coaching in driving organisational transformation and impact:

  • Individual Growth as the Catalyst for Transformation: Where people's ability to adapt is what drives successful transformation.

  • Evolving Leadership Roles: How creating a more adaptive and supportive workplace culture creates greater openness, innovation and collaboration.

  • A Unified Approach to Transformation: On why leaders need to role-model psychologically safe behaviours, prioritise skills, champion a coaching culture and nurture talent.

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