Alcon: Case Study

The world changes in the blink of an eye

Eyecare specialist Alcon knows that strong leadership is one the key elements to staying ahead. The company is committed to continual learning and promoting the best talent from within.

But the pandemic threw Alcon a curveball. Suddenly, when it mattered most, they couldn’t train up their APAC leaders face-to-face. Alcon’s decision makers had to think fast. How could they continue supporting their people? Enter EZRA.

A clear view of the future

Alcon APAC used EZRA to strengthen leaders at every level.

The Maximizers program set Alcon’s APAC's best and brightest up for future leadership. The LEAD program gave senior leaders the support they needed to navigate the pandemic, stay connected and sharpen their skills. And executives got a boost from EZRAx.

I’ve had a few leaders say coaching with EZRA really helped us navigate the transformation and prepare for the future.

Preneet Bindra

Head of HR, Asia-Pacific, Alcon

The program focused on further strengthening skills for key talent to take on future leadership roles in the country / region.

The pandemic presented new challenges. But with a coach by their side, Alcon’s leaders – and future leaders – were ready to take the challenges head-on.

The results


coaching sessions


of sessions rated 5/5


average performance improvement

The feedback was outstanding. Alcon APAC leaders said the sessions helped them clear their heads, prioritize, and solve the complex problems the pandemic threw at them. Executives thanked EZRA for helping the organization navigate a tough time and prepare for the future. Alcon now have expanded the partnership to some of their other International regions (e.g. Europe).

And there’s data to back up the program’s success. Engagement is up. So is motivation. In fact, EZRA Measure data from participants and their managers shows improvements across the board, from leading change to networking, decision making, delegation, resilience, and more.

This project has further strengthened Alcon’s foundation of a solid coaching culture. Leaders have tried coaching themselves and discovered its power. Now it’s a tool they know they can reach for when they need it.

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