LHH Executive Coaching Now Powered by EZRAx

Nov 14 2022 | News

We’ve come a long way from being an incubator in the LHH ecosystem.

Since the start of EZRA three years ago, we have been on a mission to bring bring the power of coaching to everyone to as many people as possible. Today marks perhaps one of the biggest steps in that journey, with LHH now delivering all executive coaching services through EZRAx.

Fifty-Five Years of Leadership Development

For over half a century, LHH has been a frontrunner in leadership development. The world has changed a lot during this time, and LHH has continuously adapted to support the executives in the best ways possible.

With the pandemic and the shift to remote or hybrid working models, the need for digital solutions has never been greater, which is where EZRAx comes in.

What is EZRAx?

For over half a century, LHH has been a frontrunner in leadership development. The world has changed a lot during this time, and LHH has continuously adapted to support the executives in the best ways possible.

EZRAx is EZRA’s executive coaching offering. It has among the highest industry standards for coaches operating on the platform, working exclusively with those who have:

  • ICF Professional Certification

  • Completed a minimum of 500 coaching hours

  • 5 years of executive coaching experience

  • 20 years of industry experience in senior management roles

  • Been field-tested in LHH’s ecosystem

Coaching is delivered through the EZRAx mobile app or website and can be scheduled by the executives themselves or their assistants. For a seamless experience, EZRAx allows users:

  • Unlimited coaching sessions that can run up to 90 minutes

  • Access to reports and dashboards that map data-backed progress to-date

  • Tripartite meetings so third-party stakeholders and managers can be brought in to align on goals

  • Stakeholder interviews where coaches compile feedback from peers and colleagues to inform development paths for leaders

The Future of Executive Coaching

Through the strengthened integration with EZRAx, LHH will continue to deliver a suite of flexible leadership development solutions that to support leaders across the key stages of their careers. With all one-on-one coaching transitioning to EZRAx’s virtual platform, LHH’s LD portfolio will continue to shape itself around next-generation offerings and coaching-related assessments aligned with EZRA, allowing for seamless delivery to clients across industries.

John Morgan, President of LHH Career Transition & Mobility and Leadership Development, explains, “LHH is in the business of change and to help transform organizations across the globe. We must continuously innovate and evolve our service offerings. From the start we believed in EZRA’s mission to democratize coaching and since launching EZRA within our walls it’s been proven beyond doubt that its model is the future of professional coaching.”

EZRA will also continue to offer its innovative coaching services to employees at all levels in over 66 countries across North America, Europe and APAC, ensuring that workers everywhere have access to the bespoke support they need to grow in their roles and careers.

For more information on EZRAx, click here.

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