Leadership Hacks from Coaching 38,000 People to Navigate Disruption

Andrew Calvert
Jun 18 2024 | Événements

Elevating Leaders: Discover How Executives Turn Challenges into Opportunities in Leadership

Everything is changing, all at once. New technologies, economic landscapes, norms – all of them affect our ability to lead. But, what if we told you there are hacks you can do today that can transform your leaders?

What’s in it for you? You’ll leave with practical strategies and fresh insights pulled from real success stories, ready to transform your approach to leadership in today’s world. Here’s some highlights:

  • Leaders Play a Pivotal Role in Uncertain Times:

    We explored how leaders can use their psychological capital to instil hope, efficacy, resilience, and optimism in their teams, especially during challenging periods.

  • 5 Opportunity Areas:

    These five challenges areas were uncovered as disruption escalates: Engagement, Wellbeing, Team Effectiveness, Productivity and Retention. Learn how addressing these challenges and turning them into opportunities can drive more impact.

  • Innovative Practices and Outcomes:

    From enhancing personal resilience to embedding powerful leadership behaviours, the strategies discussed are designed to supercharge growth and organisational effectiveness.

There are lots of hacks. So many we can’t be certain we know about them all – but one thing’s for sure – driving effective leadership backed by science is our core business. Here’s why:

Expert Insights from our Science Board: We have an accredited and renowned team of coaching and behaviour change academics, including Prof. Lindsay Oades at the University of Melbourne in the region, and many others globally such as Dr. Haesun Moon, Prof. Jonathan Passmore and Prof. Katy Milkman.

Proven Coaching Impact: Since 2019, we have been at the forefront of global leadership coaching, guiding over 38,000 leaders just like you through the ups and downs of their careers across all functions and ranks. And in Asia Pacific alone, we’ve run over 80,000 coaching sessions.

The Data:

30% of a company’s total shareholder return is driven by how well they handle crises (BCG)

50% higher shareholder returns for companies who put systems in place for disruption, during 2020-2021 (Gallup)

$322 billion lost globally in turnover and poor productivity because of employee burnout (McKinsey)

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