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GE Gas Power: Case Study

Supporting high-potentials at GE Gas Power seeking personal and professional development.

Em'powering' employees

GE Gas Power partnered with EZRA to provide digital coaching to participants in its Asia-Pacific region seeking personal and professional development, an external perspective, and to apply their learning to their teams, with a focus on cross-functional collaboration and time management.

Together with GE Gas Power, we designed a coaching program to help people:

  • Build communication skills

  • Gain external awareness

  • Manage conflict

  • Think strategically

  • Maintain a customer-focus

  • Improve their networks

  • Promote Diversity & Inclusion

The program was then rolled out to 51 participants across the business over a six month period.

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I really felt like my coach had a personal interest in my development. He challenged me on some of my beliefs, biases, and areas of strength, and gave me a lot of courage and confidence to push my personal goals within the organization.

Lalit Sankrani, Regional Head of Human Resources, GE Gas Power

An all-around performance boost

With coaching, GE Gas Power employees are thinking more strategically, communicating more effectively, and building stronger, trust-based relationships. In fact, participants reported an average improvement of 15% across 12 development goals, including an 18% improvement in Influence and 19% improvement in External Awareness.

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Global coaching at scale

With employees all over the world, GE chose EZRA to provide a customized coaching program to support its highest-potential employees in the APAC region. With lots of employee praise and measurable improvement, we are thrilled to have helped elevate GE employees while supporting the organization's growth.

To see how EZRA can help foster a coaching culture for your business, click here.

This video contains GE Gas Power’s views based on its limited experience with EZRA on a specific project and does not amount to any business endorsement or advertisement of EZRA by GE Gas Power.

Somya Sugandha

Regional Head of Human Resources

"I had people come back after the program saying, 'I get it, there are so many things I can do, why didn't I think of some of this stuff before?' For me, that's the most amazing feedback that you can get."

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