Cultivating a high-performance culture

Achieve impressive results, year in, year out. By working with EZRA, you can develop a culture that values employee growth and development, increasing employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

High-performance culture

What core skills will the users build on?

Developing others

Developing others

Supporting the growth and development of others with timely feedback and coaching.

Developing self

Developing self

Moving forward with personal growth and developing the skills needed for the future.

Performance conversations

Performance conversations

Setting clear expectations about performance, standards, quality, and behavior.

Shaping strategy image

Shaping the strategy

Defining the conversation around your team’s and organization’s strategic, long-term direction.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Increase self-awareness of the impact you have over others and how to regulate emotions that are heightened in times of change.

Cultural diversity

Diversity & inclusion

Making work a safe place for everyone to be themselves, to belong, and to be valued.

Personalized development to help performance flourish

Unlimited one-on-one coaching, helping individuals successfully identify what success looks like for your business, before operating to those standards.

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EZRA Focus

Targeted coaching to help instil culture norms

Short, sharp one-on-one development. Guided by a professional coach, these sessions focus on key moments aligned to your organization’s objectives.

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Executive coaching to help your leaders promote culture norms

Unlimited one-on-one coaching with the highest quality coaches. Designed to help leaders align their workforce around certain ways of working.

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The proof is in the performance


Increase in employees performing highly


Reduction in employees perceived to be disengaged


Overall competence improvement

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