The Role of Coaching for Leadership Development

Nov 10 2023 | Einblicke
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Leadership development refers to the progress an individual makes to take on leadership responsibilities and roles. Coaching now has a role in leadership development to tackle new challenges and develop employee skills to enhance business performance.

Coaching for leadership development has been accelerated thanks to an increased need for leaders and managers to navigate with agility through change and challenges, like the pandemic, remote/hybrid working, uncertain economic climates, and technological advancements.

How does coaching help with leadership development?

As we’ve mentioned, coaching has an important role within leadership development. But how? Being a leader in ever-changing times and environments can be difficult, which is why experienced and qualified coaches can help shape leaders for success. There are a few things that coaching can help with, for example:

  • Help leaders identify priorities and stay focused on them in fast-paced situations

  • Support these individuals to avoid stress and burnout, both in themselves and their teams

  • Help to build on specific hard and soft skills

  • Advise and direct leaders in difficult situations, like internal politics and power struggles

  • Giving feedback, and helping leaders do the same for their teams

  • Help leaders plan for their future careers with long and short term goals

  • Support leaders in finding a comfortable work-life balance

What have we seen when using coaching as a leadership development tool?

At EZRA, we’ve found that 90% of leaders lack the skills required to drive effective change and transformation. But following leadership coaching delivered by our expert coaches, there was a 72% observed improvement in that, whilst 40% of those leaders found their confidence was boosted as well.

Other research has found that 70% of individuals who received coaching found their work performance improved, alongside communication skills and workplace relationships. It’s not surprising then that more than 70% of organizations now offer some form of leadership coaching, and spending on related programs has increased by 40%. Why? Because coaching provides an invaluable space for personal development.

What should leadership development coaching look like?

Thinking about investing in leadership development coaching? There are a few things that you should look for when using coaching as a leadership development tool:

1. Personalized

Leadership development coaching should always be personalized because all leaders are unique. They each have their own leadership style, their own ways of working, and their own strengths and weaknesses. Coaching can help leaders evaluate these strengths and weaknesses and build on them for optimal development. Feedback and reviews should be unique to the individual to feel the best benefits of leadership coaching.

2. Sustainable and lasting

Coaching for leadership development isn’t just about a quick fix to reach the next level. It should be sustainable and long-lasting, setting leaders up with the skills and knowledge they need to continue their growth and development journeys.

3. Applicable to real-life situations

This is often a natural side-effect of leadership coaching in the workplace because real-life challenges and situations can be discussed with coaches as they happen, so coaches can help navigate these experiences. This is why investing in external coaching programs can often work best so individuals don’t feel uncomfortable discussing their concerns or challenges with those they work with directly.

Why invest in coaching for leadership development?

Well, because it works!

Coaching for leadership development can help your leaders:

  • Set clear goals

  • Stay organized

  • Motivate their own team members

  • Adapt quickly to changing circumstances

Leadership coaches play a crucial role in empowering leaders and optimizing their performance and development by offering guidance and support. Find your next leadership coach at EZRA.

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