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General Electric: Case Study

Evolving leadership behavior through coaching 

General Electric (GE), a multinational conglomerate, designed and facilitated several learning and development programs to drive GE’s business transformation, enabled by Lean Principles. Two of these programs utilized EZRA coaching to accelerate the development of leaders:  

  • The Business Leadership Program to build organizational capabilities and deliver results to create customer value. 

  • The Frontline Leadership Program to execute and improve processes at the front-line in support of GE’s ongoing commitment to excellence. 

All GE businesses nominated employees to these multi-faceted programs. Combined, over 1,900 professionals participated in these programs around the globe since launch in 2020.    

Evolving a legacy of leadership development 

Talent and leadership development programs have a long history at GE, known globally for their company-wide training initiatives through Crotonville. As part of their Business and Front-Line leadership programs in 2022, EZRA was incorporated to provide one-to-one support that would help participants embed key learnings. By supplementing the programs with individualized coaching sessions, GE provided each participant a safe, confidential space to share the unique challenges that they were facing when trying to implement the learnings on the job.   

EZRA collaborated with GE to identify their goals and partnered to provide over 100 EZRA coaches with a solid foundation in the GE leadership behaviors and key Lean Principles to effectively support coaching sessions.  An important factor was to also ensure participants were matched with EZRA coaches proficient in their native languages to allow for the most meaningful and authentic coaching conversations. EZRA coached nearly 1,000 participants in over 46 countries. 

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Coaching is a way for us to put our arms around people and tell them that they matter and that we want them to be successful.

Kate Gill, Executive Leader, L&D, General Electric

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Through EZRA, GE is evolving their approach to coaching, equipping their business and frontline leadership with the skills to embrace and navigate the future.  

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