Is your L&D spend driving measurable results?

L&D programs aren’t known for their measurable results — until now. Developed by EZRA Labs based on real case studies, this tool can be used to calculate your potential ROI for one year of EZRA digital coaching. The more values you provide, the more accurate your results will be.

Let your investment work for you

Being smart with your L&D budget has always been important, but now more than ever, it’s crucial to see a return on every dollar you invest in your business.

By investing in EZRA’s development coaching program, you can reduce the cost of employee turnover, recruiting and training new staff while improving productivity and job satisfaction. That’s a win-win.

Below are some benchmarks we have gathered from our case studies:


growth in employee retention


increased loyalty through improved outlooks


growth in business productivity

Coaching can help navigate today’s organisational challenges:

Reduce employee turnover and improve loyalty

Ensure organisational diversity & inclusion

Implement transitions & changes more effectively

Help employees adjust to new roles

Develop top talent into future leadership

Improve executive & C-suite performance

Grow your existing greatness

EZRA’s coaching program offers more than measurable results for your business. We use behavioural science to promote better wellbeing in your employees, which raises their self-confidence, increases job satisfaction and leads to more engaged, productive teams.

Many programs use training sessions and webinars to build your employees' abilities, but the changes seem to fade over time. With one-on-one coaching, participants are consistently motivated and prompted to improve, leading to long-lasting change. Change that leads to empowered and loyal employees.

Let’s talk details

With our scalable, personalised coaching program, there’s a perfect fit for your business. It’s time to start growing your greatness together.

Coaching can help you navigate today’s challenges

“We’re losing staff at an alarming rate.”

We’ve designed our Wellbeing program to help you create a happier, healthier organisation – sharing skills and tips to let you keep hold of your star players.

“I need more women in leadership roles.“

Today, a well-rounded, diverse leadership team isn’t a "nice to have. It’s a must. Build a sense of belonging to help your people get ahead – whoever they are – with our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program.

“My leaders are struggling to implement change.”

Change is tough for your top teams: how do you handle the extra workload without losing grace? And how do you navigate ambiguity without becoming unfocused? Our Transition & Change program builds these skills.

“My new managers are struggling to adjust.”

Becoming a manager is a big change – it can feel overwhelming for anyone. Give your people the tools they need to meet this moment with our Management program.

“How do I turn my top talent into tomorrow’s leaders?”

Becoming a leader isn’t like flicking a switch; even your best performers need the right tools and skills to get there. That’s what our Leadership program is for.

“How can our execs lead the organisation effectively?”

You’ll only hit your organisational goals if your C-suiters can win people over, drive change and look ahead. Our Executive Coaching program builds these skills in even the busiest calendars.