What is Enterprise Coaching?

Mar 08 2023 | Insights
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Enterprise coaching may sound familiar, but it is one of those terms that many would have trouble defining if asked.

So, what is enterprise coaching really?

An enterprise coach is essentially an experienced guide, who takes learnings from workplace team coaches and applies them to the goals that businesses and enterprises have on a much larger scale.

Workplace coaching styles like executive coaching and personalized management coaching within a business are already well-established and well-thought of coaching strategies. So, why not scale this up to apply to your business plan as a whole?

While coaching for teams at work helps the functioning and efficiency of a smaller group of individuals, an enterprise coach scales this up and works far larger to help you achieve company goals. Whether this be growing the number of people in your business, driving profit, or being more widely recognized for excellence, enterprise coaches specialize in helping you to identify your business-wide goals, figuring out how to achieve them, and then supporting you towards the accomplishment of those goals.

Enterprise coaching takes a lot into consideration, helping to balance various teams’ needs. Being able to understand how every cog in the clockwork of your business can work at its best is a big task – so bringing in an enterprise coach can be incredibly helpful.

What are the benefits of enterprise coaching?

Achieving Your Collective Goals

The key to succeeding in business, relationships, and pretty much anything in life is to know what you’re aiming for. Enterprise coaching is a simple way to help you to know what you want (and need!) for your business, whilst helping to build the confidence you need to go after it.

By working with enterprise coaches, collective company goals can be set together, whilst help in finding the most effective path to achieving them can also be addressed. We all need a little help and guidance at times – and that includes your business!

Thinking Big

Setting goals should be an exciting moment for your enterprise, so why not think big?

Bringing in an enterprise coach to help you set business goals helps you to set more short-term, easily achievable targets as well as more long-term, ambitious objectives. An enterprise relies on entrepreneurial spirit and your capacity to be ambitious, which is why meetings with enterprise coaches will generally see you pinning down your ambitions and identifying how best to make them reality – a truly pioneering experience!

Getting an Objective Perspective

If you love the business that you’re a part of or have helped to create, you probably care deeply about the success of your enterprise.

It’s only natural to be invested in the success of your enterprise – working is a huge part of your life, so it makes sense that you want to see your company succeed.

The only issue with caring so much about how to succeed is that it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees. Essentially, you can get caught up in the details and forget about the bigger picture.

Working with an enterprise coach is a fantastic way to gain a less-biased perspective – they will be able to help you to visualize goals, skillsets, and possibilities that may not occur to somebody who is deeply ingrained within the enterprise.

Creating Clear Goals

It’s all very well knowing what your enterprise should do to progress and succeed but turning this into short-term and long-term goals is easier said than done. Setting time aside to create these goals with an expert coach can be a hugely important step in taking your business’ future seriously and making plans to progress.

Many business owners can be skeptical when it comes to investing in enterprise coaching and assume that moral support and more generalized advice is all they’ll receive. But they’re wrong!

Enterprise coaches are specialists in a variety of business fields, and therefore can provide expert advice on an array of enterprise-wide issues that you may have. Engaging with an enterprise coach is an effective way to not only create goals, but to make sure that these goals continue to push you and your business to develop, grow, and succeed.

Identifying Skillsets

Enterprise coaching helps you see the overriding milestones your business should be striding towards, and also to help you understand how to reach them.

Your enterprise coach can help you to identify the particular skillsets and team structures that you should look to implement in order to achieve your desired goals. Without these, goals can be less ‘SMART’ and harder to attain.

Being Accountable

A very simple way that enterprise coaching can boost your productivity is that it holds you accountable!

Developing a relationship with a certified enterprise coach means that there is somebody outside of your organization who knows your goals and how you have committed to achieving them - they will be able to guide you through the process, giving measurable insights that can help to build your goals and strategies as you go.

Having somebody who is on your side, but who will also give you a bit of tough love if you’re not pushing yourself to achieve your goals, can be absolutely invaluable for your business development.

How does enterprise coaching work?

Enterprise coaches work dynamically; they will identify what is needed in each particular business they coach and deliver different programs depending on individualized goals.

The role of an enterprise coach is to guide members of the team at all levels to ensure a streamlined mindset that facilitates working towards collective business goals. Some ways that your enterprise coach might do this include:

  • Building and maintaining relationships with members of the team

  • Conducting individual coaching sessions with teammates

  • Working with individuals and the organization to identify goals

Enterprise coaches work cross-departmentally, meaning that they will work alongside staff at all levels of the business, from management to exec level staff, to ensure that nobody is getting left behind.

With goals that take everyone into consideration, regardless of experience, contract length, or position, enterprise coaching is a fantastic way to get your whole enterprise to work towards common goals with a communal mindset.

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