How to Find Your Purpose at Work with a Growth Mindset

Gail McDonald
Dec 10 2021 | Insights
Man in a meeting.

Our Executive Coach Gail McDonald writes about how she found her purpose by letting go of outcomes and embracing opportunities for growth.

How often throughout your life have you asked yourself “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?”  

I have asked myself this question multiple times over the years only to discover that the harder I tried to seek my purpose, the more it seemed to escape.

The truth is that although some people are certain of their purpose at a very young age, most of us are unsure of where we shine, and what brings us the most joy. I used to experience confusion, fear, negativity, and attachment to outcomes which, if anything, just led me further away from purpose, even if I was unaware of it at the time.

One day I decided to give up looking and as it turns out, it was one of the best decisions of my life. There is a time to move forward and a time to let go. What I discovered is that sometimes we need to let go before we can move forward. I started to embrace each situation in my life, good or bad, happy, or sad and look for opportunities for growth. Choices and decisions became easier when I started to learn more about myself and discovered my capacity for adversity and letting go of outcomes. Life became joyful when I realized the only one I could change is me, only me, and magically over time my situation started to change for the better. I listened to my own inner wisdom and started to enjoy each day for whatever it brought. I felt gratitude for everything no matter how small, and serendipitously, doors opened. 

My purpose of working at being and doing my best and serving was revealed. Shifting from “finding my purpose” to “allowing my purpose to find me” resulted in a 24 week talk show gig on Bold Brave Media with my dear friend and colleague of 9 years, Susan Sneath, launching this fall. I listen to my inner wisdom; I ask myself if my thoughts and actions are bringing me joy or angst. I try new things, practice stillness and gratitude. I practice awareness of things that feel magical, effortless, and spontaneous. Your life purpose is a long process of refinement, and it starts with letting go.

This shift in my perspective is proving to be a pivotal moment for my executive/leadership coaching. Based on that shift, I have come to the realization that results can be achieved by being both disciplined and relaxed or vulnerable and strong. Not only is it possible, it’s essential. By relaxing and not attempting to “control” everything and identifying what needs attention, energy then opens up to focus on what is truly important to get intended results and that sometimes even the best-laid plans can produce unexpected results. And that is just ok! By experiencing this personally I am able to serve clients at a more meaningful and authentic level, develop rapport quickly, provide resources that are more relevant to their requirements and truly meet them where they are at, opening possibilities for self-development and personal growth, which enhances workplace performance and leadership behaviors.

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