Finding the Best Enterprise Coach for You: What to Look For

Jan 30 2024 | Insights
Man sat on a chair, wearing a pink shirt and glasses, facing and smiling at a colleague.

Enterprise coaching is when an experienced coach takes learnings from areas and teams of the business and applies them to the wider goals of the business. They tend to work with all (or most) members of the business to ensure processes are streamlined and development can happen across the company to hit collective business objectives.

If you’re looking to get your whole enterprise working towards common goals, whilst developing as individuals too, enterprise coaching is a perfect way to do that. Whether that’s to create positive change and transformation within a business, or simply to reach your collective development goals faster, EZRA has coaches to help you reach them in a measurable way.

But, just as with finding a personal coach, finding the right fit for your enterprise is vital. So, how do you go about finding one person that works for you; what should you be looking for? Check out our tips.

How to find the best enterprise coach for your company

1. Industry experience

The first thing to think about when looking to invest in an enterprise coach is their experience. Whilst you’ll want to be thinking about how much experience they have in general; you’ll also want to think about their industry experience. Have they worked with similar businesses and companies to yours? Do they know how your industry works, what your industry demands?

An enterprise coach is working to help you reach your business objectives, so if they have experience in your business space, they’re probably going to have a better understanding of how to get there.

2. Personable & confident

An enterprise coach needs to be able to confidently speak to and guide a number of individuals, groups and teams within the wider business, as well as needing to understand collective goals rather than just working with one employee and their individual goals, or even a smaller team. This means that having effective communication skills and being personable is key to an effective enterprise coach.

What’s more, enterprise coaches also need to guide senior business stakeholders in making important decisions, which requires a great deal of confidence.

3. Organised

With the responsibility of guiding several individuals to align and steer them towards collective business goals, organisation is key – sounds obvious, right? But, without, the efficiency to effectively develop your enterprise can be lost.

4. Enthusiastic & spirited

This isn’t a must, but it’s likely you’ll want your enterprise coach to be equally as enthusiastic and spirited as you are at achieving your business goals. You’ll be thinking big, so they need to be thinking big too. So, when you’re looking for the right person, see if they match your energy and bounce ideas around with you.

5. The right fit

Just as with an individual employee coach, an enterprise coach has got to feel right. If you don’t get the feeling that you can work alongside them closely, and you don’t feel like they align you’re your business objectives then they’re not right for you.

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