What's missing from the AI-employee alliance? Coaching.

Jun 30 2023 |
What's missing from the AI employee alliance coaching

Covid-19. Global unrest. A volatile economy. And just when your people thought things might settle down, there’s more change.

But treating AI at work as “just another change” undersells the scale and speed of what’s happening. Decision makers need support because the scale, speed and stakes of this change are higher than ever.

It’s “get involved” or “get left behind.”

And it all comes down to how leaders act today. They’re the ones making decisions, learning new skills, and setting new processes and boundaries. That’s a lot of pressure.

The solution? Coaching. It has proven its value for supporting people through change in the past. And it’s the way to rocket your people into the future.

Coaches know how to help leaders overcome the common challenges that come with any change, like communication, focus, goal setting, and more. They’re not AI experts. Frankly, no one is. We’re all figuring it out as we go.

But coaches are change experts. So, why are they best placed to help leaders navigate the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this revolutionary technology? Read on, or book a call, to learn more.

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Leaders and managers need to think critically and act decisively about what AI means for them, their people and their organization. That means covering entirely new ground. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Coaching has a track record of helping people overcome change. And the bigger the change, the more a coach can help.

The bridge to change

The AI landscape changes every day. Things that seem impossible today may not be tomorrow.

Coaches help people with the skills they need to successfully navigate this uncharted territory. Close communication with their teams, continually processing feedback, making bold decisions, and explaining them effectively.

A coach helps your leaders listen to people on the ground. And instructions from the C-suite. And advice from experts. And synthesize all that into a successful strategy. Not just once, but over and over again as the situation changes.

A coach is a trusted partner to bounce ideas off. They help your people learn from mistakes and come back stronger.

Coaching also helps build emotional intelligence. Change can be stressful, and leaders need to be there for their people. Coaches give leaders the confidence to guide the way, get everyone involved, and overcome uncertainty.

Taking time to get ahead

Leaders need to understand and act on developments in the technology, ethics, legislation, business implications and more. That’s a lot of new responsibilities. And leaders were already busy.

Coaches help your people tame the rest of their workload by prioritizing, managing their time, and creating focus. That way, they have the space they need to learn, experiment, and lead.

There’s also a mountain of evidence that coaching supports a leader’s wellbeing. And when they focus on wellbeing, their team benefits.

As the stress of change increases, coaches help leaders ensure that self-care and support for employees stay at the top of the agenda. Because nobody does their best work if they’re burned out.

A successful AI-employee alliance starts with behavior

Stay Informed, Be Honest, Encourage Creativities, Embrace the Future, Work Together

Stay informed

The landscape is changing, fast. Listen to experts and your own people so you can make the best decisions.

Be honest

Sometimes, the truth is “I don’t know,” but transparency is better than silence. 

Encourage creativity

The best ideas can come from unexpected places. 

Embrace failure

Fear of failure holds you back. It’s how you react to failure that matters.  

Work together

Nobody succeeds alone, especially during times of change. Look for support from people you trust.

Leading companies choose EZRA for change

A coach provides feedback, support, and accountability that your people need in times of change. And the data proves it.

After EZRA coaching…

  • 95% of people report a performance improvement.

  • Resilience to change jumps by 14%.

  • And job performance increases by 33%.

When Honda’s team was struggling with change, they turned to EZRA coaches. Almost all of the managers, 96%, used the coaching, and they rated their coaches 4.9/5 on average. Honda said its managers became 14% better at leading people through change, and absence rates fell by 21%.

Coaching helped these companies overcome complex logistical and organizational changes. Change from AI is even bigger. But coaching is up to the challenge.

Take control of the future. Contact us today to discover what EZRA can do for your organization.

At EZRA, we’re serious about AI. Everything you’ve just read was co-written by Bing Chat.

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