Meet our coaches

We’re on a mission. To bring the world of top-tier coaching, to anyone who needs it. That’s why we select the finest coaches in the world, who don’t just help people with their jobs, but help them find meaning and purpose.

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The three pillars of our coaching

Jihene Gati

We only pick the best

Only 10% of those who apply make it to an interview. That’s because we only pick people with the best skills and experience. 

Marty Avery

Developing our coaches

We’re an ICF accredited coaching school, with continuing education courses, mentoring, and community practice opportunities.

Paul Jones

A diverse and deep bench

We have local coaches managed by local people. We operate in over 97 countries, speaking over 37 languages.

Coaches from across the globe

Wherever you are in the world, we’ll find a coach for you. Having been on the front-line of many influential businesses, our network of trusted professionals has done and seen almost everything.

Meet our coaches

Certified by the International Coaching Federation and with years of invaluable experience, our proven coaches can help boost performance and confidence in your organization.


"Simply put, our coaches are the best in the business! While they possess the highest credentials, certifications, and experience, what makes them the very best is that they truly care. They strive to make a difference for the individuals and organizations they serve, while also demonstrating an unwavering dedication to the EZRA community. In turn, we are committed to providing them with a vibrant and engaged community and enriching professional development."

EZRA coach avatar

Jennifer Fickeler, Ph.D., PCC

VP, Coaching Center of Excellence

Turn your workforce into coaches

At EZRA Academy, our world-class training programs can help your teams learn the basics, get certified, and more. Through this initiative, we can help you create a culture of learning and growth within your organization.

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