How Can Managers Boost Employee Morale?

Dec 14 2022 | Observaciones

As a manager, you can never underestimate the power of a happy team. 

When your workforce is motivated, you’ll see higher retention rates, greater productivity, greater performance, and you’ll also avoid that dreaded workplace slump.

Check out our top 10 tips for boosting employee morale:

1. Setting goals

Setting goals in the workplace is a highly advantageous process when it comes to boosting employee morale as a manager. SMART goals have the power to provide employees with developmental advantages, with clear and measurable actions to push towards. This can provide direction, focus, and that all important motivation.

Monitoring these goals, no matter how simple they are, also provides a steady constant to keep up the motivation within employees, whilst managerial feedback throughout the journey to reaching these goals, whether it be positive or constructive, can keep morale high.

Think about it, staying on track is far easier when you can see how you’re doing, when you have something to reach, and when you know what you need to do to reach it.

2. Increase the communication

Communication is key.

As a manager, keeping communication open, regular, and honest can be a great morale booster for employees – they’re being heard after all. This simple technique can pay off big time.

Whether you’re communicating about issues they’re having, positives or achievements you or they want to share, company updates, or simply just having a chat, keep talking to your employees at every opportunity and we’re sure you’ll start to reap the benefits.

So, set up those regular one-to-one meetings ASAP.

3. Promote transparency

This one is very linked to communication but being transparent with your employees is a key driver in keeping them on board and therefore retaining morale.

Why? Simple. It keeps them in the loop.

Knowing that there is accountability establishes trust. Without trust, you won’t be seeing much morale or motivation. With it, you’ll begin to see a much healthier work culture with open and honest communication. According to zdnet, 89% of people say trust can be rebuilt if a business admits to a mistake and creates transparency around steps to rectify it – 85% of people are more likely to stick with a transparent business during crises.

4. Recognize and reward

Let’s face it, we all like positive reinforcement from time to time. It makes us feel appreciated.

Gallup found that employees who are recognised at work are more motivated, with feelings of accomplishment and value. Recognition boosts employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty (so you’ll see higher retention rates too!).

5. Team-building exercises

Team-building exercises are a great way of boosting morale in your employees. Not only are they fun (improving employee experience), but they can also increase communication, trust, and engagement, all things that we’ve already mentioned as key drivers in employee morale.

Team outings can also be used as great incentives for improving performance. They can often be used as incentives for hitting targets, but regular group activities can be a great balance to keep employees happy and motivated.

6. Ensure you're offering growth

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re stuck at work with nowhere to go. It’s demotivating, and the chances of staff leaving because of it are very high. According to a study by McKinsey, 40% of workers leave their jobs because of the lack of opportunity for career development. Offering employee growth opportunities gives individuals a sense of purpose and something to strive for.

We’re not saying managers need to constantly offer promotions – even offering additional training sessions or opportunities for gaining valuable qualifications is invaluable for keeping employees motivated and happy.

7. Promote workplace diversity

The fact that only one in four employees feel that their supervisor cares about them as a person at work is demotivating in itself. Not only does workplace diversity foster a healthy sense of community and inclusion, which can be inspiring for employee, it has also been proven to boost employee morale, with 83% of millennials being more engaged when they believe their company’s culture encompasses this.

So, we know that workplace diversity is beneficial in boosting morale, but there are wider benefits and implications to it too. Take Forbes’ findings that companies fostering a diverse workplace are 35% more likely to experience greater financial returns. As a manager, implementing workforce diversity programs and initiatives are a no-brainer!

8. Allow for flexibility and encourage breaks

Flexibility at work can be a huge factor in boosting employee satisfaction and morale. Flexible working can lead to a better work-life balance, whilst regular breaks not only improve well-being but also boost creativity significantly.

Sitting at your desk for the whole day can actually be incredibly de-motivating and can have big impacts on productivity. So as a manager, encourage your employees to take regular coffee breaks, take their full hour lunch break, get out of their desk chair, and even get outside during the workday.

9. Provide the right tools

It’s all very well giving tips on how managers can boost employee morale at work, but without the appropriate tools to allow your employees to do so, it’s pretty counterproductive.

So, ensure the opportunities to set goals, receive rewards, be flexible in working, and grow as an individual both professionally and personally are in place.

10. Invest in coaching

Finally, invest in coaching for your employees and managers. It can unleash so many opportunities for individuals to grow and develop, and the ROI has never been clearer. At EZRA, we have an abundance of real-life cases that have led to happier, more confident, and productive employees.

  • 77% of people who have participated in EZRA coaching have felt a greater sense of loyalty to their company

  • There has been evidence of a 14% improvement in employee retention

  • And a huge 95% of participants have noticed an improvement in their performance

So, there you have it - ur top 10 tips on boosting employee morale. In following at least some of these, you’ll not only see improvements in morale, but motivation, confidence, development, and loyalty too.

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