The Five Factors: Building One to One Development at Scale

Jul 20 2023 | Research

Are your employees facing new challenges and demanding more from their roles? The ever-evolving workplace requires continuous adaptation, yet development support often lags behind. Until now.

In this whitepaper, we'll delve into a new approach that changes how we think about individual and organizational growth.

What's Inside:

Download the full whitepaper to see how each of these five factors will contribute to a development experience that will have an impactful and measurable result.

Factor 1: Single Focus

  • Discover how focusing on a single topic ignites unparalleled engagement.

  • Learn how to maximize the impact of development journeys.

Factor 2: One to One

  • Uncover the game-changing benefits of personalized, one to one development.

  • Embrace a digital platform that empowers learners to own their growth.

Factor 3: Behavioral Nudges

  • Understand the power of behavioral nudges in facilitating positive change.

  • Meet Cai, your personal AI-powered development assistant.

Factor 4: Critical Mass

  • Explore the significance of meeting the development needs of large groups.

  • Find out how to support managers and individual contributors to drive productivity.

Factor 5: Speed and Impact

  • Learn how digital development offers real-time insights and measured outcomes.

  • Discover the remarkable results achieved in just 10 weeks.

At EZRA, we are committed to revolutionizing professional development through cutting-edge science and expert strategies. Our whitepaper presents proven methodologies and data-driven insights to help you build a resilient and thriving workforce.

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