EZRA Coaching now on Microsoft Teams

Jun 05 2024 | News

EZRA can now reach over 270m people a day, with the power of Microsoft Teams

As the cornerstone of its technology ecosystem, Microsoft Teams will allow EZRA to expand their state-of-the-art learning and development programs, which bring positive behaviour change to people and businesses worldwide.

EZRA has announced their coaching experience is now available on Microsoft Teams.

EZRA coachees will now see EZRA, when they click ‘app’ in their Microsoft Teams menu.

They’ll be connected to Cai, an AI-powered development assistant built on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, that gives coachees an interactive and personal experience.

Nick Goldberg, CEO at EZRA, said “Life is busy. There’s never a right moment for coaching. But it’s the opportunity you need to take. Our strategy is to be where people spend their time, and to make learning simple, intuitive and personal. So that self-investment is as easy as possible.”

Sonja Meindl, Enterprise Commercial Director Microsoft Switzerland said “With Microsoft Teams, and guided learning from Cai, powered by Azure OpenAI Service, EZRA is transforming their ability to engage with learners and provide them, through the Microsoft Azure Cloud, with secure and customizable ways to deliver more in-depth insights and impactful programs, in the places where they are.”

Here’s what EZRA and Microsoft Teams are delivering for L&D together

- Cai knows exactly where users are on their personal development journey and will ask questions to make EZRA coaching sessions tailored. The interactive AI will learn from coachee’s responses and feedback, to shape their conversations and send real-time coaching insights that work for the user.

- Coachees will also get curated behavioral science-backed nudges in Microsoft Teams to help keep their coaching a priority. These gentle reminders help people to make time for their professional development and keep their coaching on track and active.

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