Thomson Reuters: Case Study

Using coaching alongside training at Thomson Reuters.


A programme for high potentials 

Thomson Reuters had put a lot of work into an internal training programme for 120 people with different roles and responsibilities – some were on the front line, others were vice presidents. They all had one thing in common, though: they were all people with a lot of potential. 

As such, they were either likely to take a management role in the years to come, or already in one. So to complement their training, Thomson Reuters turned to us: they knew coaching could really support these people as they learned to lead.

Nailing the rollout

First, we sat down with Thomson Reuters to get the big picture – their customers, business strategy and culture – and to understand their training modules. This helped our coaches get the right context for their conversations with leaders.

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"My coaching has changed my life. I am forever grateful for their candid and positive approach."

Next, it was time to launch. We introduced participants to Ezra when they’d just finished a three-day training workshop; the perfect way to keep the learning alive as they eased back into the day-to-day. 

At that point, the pandemic struck… but it didn’t derail us. Quite the opposite, in fact: it gave the leaders a space to debrief and breathe as they faced unprecedented stress – helping them to keep hold of what they’d learned in training even in extraordinary circumstances. 

Results and impact


Adoption rate across the program


Participants rated their coaches at a 4.9/5 average


of participants rated their sessions 5/5 – for their coach, quality and contribution to development

Can't get enough of coaching 

After three months of coaching, 96% of participants chose to extend their programme for six months – plenty of time to hone the skills they’d picked up in training sessions. 

Some said they’d been sceptical about coaching at first, but soon saw the value. And others were sad when it eventually came to an end: ‘they left me words of wisdom that I won’t forget.’

Laura Miller

Talent & Development Manager at Thomson Reuters

Leading Growth at Thomson Reuters with Ezra

Ezra provided an opportunity for our Leading Growth participants to dedicate time to personal development through virtual coaching. The ease of connection and trusted relationships between coaches and participants has been a valued component of our programme.

Sustained Learning for High-Potential Leaders

Across the board, the coaches involved in the Thomson Reuters programme found that participants were “engaged, consistent and highly insightful.” The client organisation saw tangible growth in skills among the participants. Overall, the attitude of participants was very positive, particularly when it came to the ways in which the company addressed the COVID-19 crisis.

“Thomson Reuter’s participants are very positive and highly insightful,” according to one coach. “Once they were able to see and make connections on how to develop, they moved forward to make shifts and changes.”

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