The Adecco Group: Case Study

For high potentials, self-development is non-negotiable.

Alain Dehaze, CEO of the Adecco Group, wearing a dark blue jacket and light blue shirt

The challenge

To attract, retain and develop the best of the best, the Adecco Group knew they needed to offer people the opportunity to grow. 

So they enlisted our help for their Future Leaders programme – rising stars who are relatively new to TAG and the working world. These people are highly engaged, high-performing and international; our coaches had their work cut out for them.

Mindful by design

TAG’s goal in coaching this group was to create a pool of international candidates who would one day become company leaders… and not just any leaders. 

Along with everything you’d expect your future C-suite to build skills in – strategic thinking, innovative ideas – TAG also wanted to build a ‘more mindful’ leadership culture. So our coaches set to work, helping 35 participants to balance efficiency and empathy; commercialism and kindness.

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"[My coach] is always a pleasure. He goes above and beyond and I always feel more accomplished after speaking to him."

Sr. Admissions Producer & Operations Lead, US

And as an added bonus…

The Future Leaders said that Ezra coaching didn’t just sharpen their leadership skills; it also helped them deal with the stress of working through a pandemic. All in all, they said they were ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ to recommend Ezra to friends, family or colleagues.

The Results and Impact


rating on average how great their coaches were


retention following their EZRA coaching experience


agreed that EZRA contributed to their ongoing development

Bani Sodhi

Group Strategic Programme Manager, TAG International Future Leaders Programme

Working with Ezra has been a dream...

Professional coaching is such a fantastic neutral sounding board for young professionals, to really challenge their innovation muscle and help them operate in this time of ambiguity.

We choose EZRA because of the genuine efforts we saw in tailor-making the solution to match exactly what we needed. The best part of working with EZRA was the co-working. It was a dream for a client, from on-boarding the coaches, to really choosing the relevant coaches, to troubleshooting. The customer experience with EZRA has been a dream.

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