Brambles: Case Study

Creating tomorrow's leaders, today.

Annie Moore being interviewed.

The Challenge

The jump from college to your first working role can feel like a leap. Brambles had built a Graduate Development Programme to help their new recruits hit the ground running – and they knew coaching was the perfect support system as these graduates got up to speed.

Growing a talent pipeline

The Graduate Development Programme isn’t just a way to help high-potentials build the skills they need to succeed. It’s also a way to attract brilliant thinkers straight out of their undergraduate degrees or graduate school, so they can grow at Brambles as they grow as people. 

Our coaches turned this growth into a smooth trajectory, helping graduates to:

  • define their career paths and set goals to get there

  • hone the skills they’d need to reach a leadership level at Brambles

  • self-reflect on the progress they were making as they made it.

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"[My coach] is a great listener and very easy to relate to and communicate with, I can feel myself growing after each session."

Participant, Brambles

The Outcome

We started with a pilot programme in December 2020, then ramped up to work with graduates in ten different countries across the world.

The Results and Impact


Adoption rate


Average session rating


Coaching sessions completed

Annie Moore

Logistics Project Manager

My coach has given me a new confidence

“Having the opportunity to identify goals and objectives and having a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was something that I was really excited about when I initially found out that I would receive coaching. It’s something that someone at my level at the company doesn’t always get access to having just a few years of experience. My coach has given me a confidence I will value for the rest of my career”

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