HR Professionals' Top Concerns When Facing Seismic Change

Aug 09 2020 | Research
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This white paper from EZRA covers the big concerns of HR professionals when it comes to the new challenges they are facing due to seismic workplace changes.

When the landscape of work gets more challenging than usual, as it has around the numerous difficulties faced by workforces because of COVID-19, what are the top concerns of HR professionals in terms of managing and maintaining their talent? EZRA compares the popular opinions to our findings from participants in our Free Month Of Coaching access program for HR leaders.

The industry press said:

  • Only 38% of companies had work from home policies in place at the start of the pandemic

  • 14.83% of HR professionals were issuing communications around remote work

  • 11.29% were developing standards for remote work

  • 88% of organizations have transitioned to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic

As a result, we expected participants in the program on our coaching app to want to focus on helping others to work effectively in a remote setting.

What we found was actually that HR professionals prioritized support around how to lead change effectively, along with how to demonstrate confidence and build it in others.

  • 62% requested coaching around projecting and instilling confidence

  • 55% of participants requested coaching around leading change

  • 33% selected achieving results virtually as a target

  • Just 17% selected virtual collaboration

As HR were the ones needing to provide the info about change to employees, they were more focused on how to communicate this effectively and confidently rather than the mere logistics of leading Zoom calls etc, which shows how good professionals will focus on the bigger picture, rather than just execution, if given access to the right support such as leadership coaching.

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