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Mar 08 2024 | News

Want Kim Scott, Bob Iger or James Clear in your corner? Well, look who’s just walked in…

Do you want to learn from the world’s best?

Say hello to leading advice from Kim Scott, Bob Iger, James Clear and many more. Tailored just for you.

We are thrilled to share that EZRAx participants will now have access to MasterClass at Work, a learning platform that can help unlock your full potential by inspiring a learning lifestyle in everyone.

With MasterClass at Work, you’ll get access to a library of online classes taught by 200+ of the world’s best in their fields. MasterClass at Work is included as part of your EZRAx coaching.And your EZRAx coach’ll keep the experience tailored just to you.

One of our favorite classes on the MasterClass at Work platform is “Chris Voss Teaches the Art of Negotiation.” Chris Voss is a former FBI lead hostage negotiator and, in his class, he gives guidance on how to get what you want from a conversation. Chris’s class and all 200+ classes are available now!

Nick Goldberg, CEO of EZRA, said “This is the future of executive development. By providing access to MasterClass at Work to EZRAx, it allows our participants to add to their coaching sessions by learning from MasterClass instructors. The classes are bite-size, and digestible in the time business leaders can spare. They’re frank. And they’re fascinating.”

Marion Gamel, an EZRAx coach, compares coaches to curators because they have to find the very best content for people on their programs.

“Today’s coaches have to curate the very best content, from videos and group learning to 121’s. It’s an important part of what we do.

“But it’s not just telling people to listen or look. We make sure everything is the best it can be for each person. I can point two executives towards Howard Schultz but they’ll have completely different experiences because of the lessons they’ll watch, the questions I’ll ask, how we talk about what they’ve heard and the personal goals and qualities they bring.”

Marion knows firsthand what it feels like. She was influenced by the revolutionary perspective of Kim Scott's class on Radical Candor: “Scott's insights into feedback and psychological safety fundamentally altered my executive path.”

With the help of MasterClass at Work’s immersive learning experience, our EZRAx coaches are here to challenge, inspire, and redefine leadership.

Are you ready to listen?

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