What is Leadership Coaching & What Are the Benefits for Your Company?

Nov 21 2022 | Insights

Leadership is at the centre of any organisation. Without effective leadership, other business resources can become ineffective. Why? Because you lose purpose, direction, and strategy – three pretty essential concepts for a company looking to grow and further its successes.

We know the benefits of good leadership for a company:

  • It can drive innovation and growth

  • Good leaders can inspire a workforce, increasing staff retention and morale

  • It can boost motivation, which can subsequently boost productivity and performance

  • It can drive effective workforce communication

And these are just the beginning!

So, keeping, maintaining, and coaching towards a strong leadership culture at work is important. However, according to research, just 48% of employees view their company’s leadership as high quality (Kizer, 2022) – that’s proof that businesses still have a long way to go to reach their maximum productivity and performance. And that journey starts with coaching their leaders to be the best.

While 83% of organizations believe it’s important to develop leaders at every level of the company, only 5% of businesses have implemented leadership development at all levels (Kizer, 2022).

This is fairly perplexing when you see the benefits that leadership coaching can have for a company. With EZRA’s leadership coaching, 72% of leaders were observed to have improved by their managers. And better leaders equal better growth and better company success.

So, what is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching is the development of capable and talented individuals in a position of leadership, to help them successfully work with employees and develop your business.

Coaching can help ease the pressures of leadership, whilst ensuring that companies get the best successes – because when leaders perform, you’ll see the effects filter down to the rest of your employees.

Leadership coaching can be tailored to fit your business, people, and purpose – because there’s no one set ‘type’ of leader; think strategic leaders, people leaders, and managers. From effective communication, motivation and inclusion, self-confidence, and emotional intelligence, leadership coaching develops key core skills to get the most out of your leaders.

At EZRA, our leadership coaching programmes are tailored-made to what you want from your leadership. Building these programmes around core skills and tailored goals is designed to help your leaders move within the company with confidence.

What are the benefits of leadership coaching?

The benefits of leadership coaching don’t just stop with the leader themselves. The effects can be seen throughout your business.

Benefits for the leader

Increased confidence

  • EZRA coaching sees 40% of leaders increase in self-confidence.

Increased communication skills

  • Coaching can be crucial in helping leaders understand how to communicate in varying situations and with differing personality types.

  • Leadership coaching will highlight a leader’s strengths and weaknesses of communicating, teach them new and invaluable skills, and boost their integrity as a leader.

Greater open-mindedness

  • Forget narrow-minded, inflexible leadership. Through leadership coaching, an individuals’ mind can be opened to new possible ways of working, different points of view and insights, and help quick decision making under pressure.

Greater performance

  • All these valuable skills amount to one thing: an increase in performance for your leaders. We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: 72% of leaders were observed to have improved performance following EZRA coaching.

You’re missing a trick if you’re still unsure about the power of leadership coaching!

Benefits for the company

Think about it. Strong and insightful leaders are going to transform teams and employees. How?

Good leadership can help shape a companies’ culture and employee satisfaction

  • A Fortune 500 company reported that the area which was most positively impacted from leadership coaching was employee satisfaction (Anderson, 2002).

  • Culture is often a top priority for employee satisfaction – you wouldn’t stay somewhere where you’re overworked, unhappy, and unmotivated.

It can increase employee retention and engagement

  • And keeping top talent is key.

A good leader can also increase team performance

  • Through successful motivation and direction, effective leadership can inspire a team, increasing their productivity and engagement levels, and ultimately leading to greater success, growth, and revenue for a company – which is what you’re after!

Good leadership can likewise promote diversity and inclusion, increased feedback and communication, empowerment, and a whole load of other benefits for your company – a Fortune 500 company indicated that 77% of people thought coaching had a significant impact on at least one of nine business measures (Anderson, 2002).

So, there we have it. Leadership coaching is a beneficial way of improving and developing individuals, whilst also having extended benefits throughout the whole organisation.

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