What is Digital Coaching?

Oct 13 2022 | Insights

Digital Coaching. What is it? Coaching via Zoom? Not quite.

Digital Coaching is a clever service based on technology, AI, and automation, paired with traditional coaching styles. The result? A highly effective coaching experience that has led to growth and development of both employees and businesses.

Although digital coaching is based on tech-enabled training, it’s not all automation and robots. It is still fully delivered by humans, making the process easily personalized in order to get the best out of your employees.

So, what makes it so special? Rather than being confined to simply face-to-face ‘traditional’ coaching, you get all the benefits and knowledge from specialized leadership coaches, executive coaches, management coaches and more, from all around the world. This not only gives you far greater access to invaluable coaching, but you can find experts that work best for you and your team.

Efficiency? Check. Targeted coaching strategy? Check.

How does digital coaching actually work?

With specialized coaching platforms like EZRA, the potential for you and your employees is limitless.

At EZRA, you control the process from beginning to end so that you get the most out of your coaching experience. That means, firstly, setting primary goals so that your people decide what exactly you need help with, be it growth and development or retention of staff, then hand-picking your preferred, expert coach who specializes in your goals for a perfect partnership, all the way through to measuring results - and we’re sure you’ll see plenty of positives!

Through an easy-to-use app, booking sessions, keeping in contact, and staying in the loop is simple and you’ll get virtual, customized, and measurable coaching.

What are the benefits of digital coaching?

It’s all very well singing the praises of digital coaching, but what actually are some of its effects and benefits?

  • It fosters a growth mindset

  • It supports the new hybrid-working world

  • It can minimize staff turnover rates

  • Success can be measured through data

  • It decreases burnout

Let’s delve deeper into these benefits.

Fostering a growth mindset

First things first, digital coaching fosters a growth mindset. And having a growth mindset is effective in leading to growth and development for both employees and your company as a whole. What could be better than seeing improvements in both individuals’ and teams’ performance?

A hybrid-working world

Secondly, in a new hybrid working world, now that we’ve slashed the dreaded morning commute, face-to-face coaching is becoming far more difficult. And this hybrid working isn’t stopping anytime soon. According to a study by Microsoft, globally, 66% of leaders are looking to support the hybrid workplace, and 53% of people are likely to contemplate moving to hybrid in the next year. Plus, 77% of employees are in favor of the hybrid workplace.

So digital coaching means that your employees can grow and develop from the comfort of their own home, virtually without compromising on the quality of coaching – a win win!

Minimizing those dreaded staff turnover rates

We’ve all experienced in some capacity a dreaded ‘quitting season.' High staff turnover rates are pretty scary. So, minimizing them is probably a priority for you and your business. And that’s where digital coaching can help.

From increasing motivation at work, bettering self-confidence in your employees and leaders, setting achievable goals, enhancing communication and cooperation between employees, management, and leadership, and ultimately improving satisfaction, digital coaching can hugely reduce staff turnover.

Measuring success through data

Because digital coaching embraces technology and data, it’s easily measurable so you can see first-hand the success it can bring your company. Through session evaluation, manager feedback, progress and goal tracking, and mapping effectiveness, digital coaching provides a full assessment of progress for your employees and your leadership.

For example, with EZRA Measure, you can track individual and organizational progress in real time to understand exactly how coaching is working for you.

And the proof of EZRA’s digital coaching success is in the pudding. 96% of participants and their managers see behavioral improvements, 72% of managers have noticed employee engagement better, and 33% report an increase in job performance as a result of coaching. But don’t take our word for it. Hear from our clients about their success through digital coaching!

Decreasing burnout

Finally, through personalized, human-led coaching strategies, digital coaching can make your employees feel supported, whilst tracking their successes. Specialized wellbeing coaching, for example, can help your staff find their happy place, with a sense of purpose and a good work/life balance. This immersive and personalized learning can help to decrease employee burnout, so you’ll see successes skyrocket.

Find out today how digital coaching could make a huge difference for your organization.

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