Virtual vs. In-Person Coaching - What's Better?

Jun 07 2023 | Insights

Coaching isn’t a one size fits all solution; there are many forms coaching can take which can make it hard to figure out what works for you.

Whether you’re a junior, a CEO, or a senior stakeholder, whether you need in-person support or whether you like to work from home, each individual needs a different level of support to work out their goals and motivations.

For example, virtual coaching might work best for one person, and in-person coaching might work best for another. But even deciding between virtual vs in-person coaching can be a tricky decision.

So, what’s better, virtual or in-person coaching sessions? To help narrow down your decision, we’ve taken some benefits of both to help you understand which might be best for you.

What are the benefits of virtual coaching?


If you’re after an accessible experience, virtual coaching is for you. This form of coaching gives you access to support from anywhere, anytime, and from a number of sources across the world. It allows you to find the best specialist for what you need, without having to travel the distance.

Virtual coaching can also be particularly useful for those who struggle with neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD and autism and need more specific support – more traditional in-person techniques might not work as effectively for them for many reasons. If you have impaired mobility too, or suffer with chronic issues, this type of coaching is incredibly accessible. We think neurodiversity in the workplace is so important, but the barriers of in-person coaching may stop you from getting the help you need, which is why virtual coaching may be a better option.


You might have a hectic schedule or work in a freelance position that requires you to work in the evenings or on weekends. You might have childcare commitments or have a job where you travel consistently. Whatever it might be, the benefit of virtual coaching is that it provides flexibility. It allows you to find a coach that can work with you when the time’s right, for you. You can engage with coaching from the comfort of your own home, or any other location, in order to best benefit from your experience.


Privacy comes as standard with coaching. But with virtual coaching, you might feel more comfortable with the privacy of your own company.

For example, if you work in a busy office with no available private rooms, in-person coaching might be more of a barrier to you when discussing private goals and objectives. You may want to talk about your aims in your career development or a promotion you want to go for that you’d prefer to stay between you and your coach.

With virtual coaching, you’re free to join your session from wherever you feel comfortable. It might also be a benefit for increasing openness and honesty with your coach without the worry of your colleagues listening in.


When searching for a coach, finding someone like you can be beneficial in the success of your coaching experience. With virtual coaching, you have access to a wider variety of coaches, from a variety of different backgrounds, which can really empower you to get the support you need and gain more from your coaching experience.

What are the benefits of in-person coaching?

We’ve explored some of the key benefits of virtual coaching, but what about in-person coaching? Could that work better for you?

In-person connections

With in-person coaching, many people find it easier to connect with their coach more immediately. Physical presence, along with non-verbal communication like body language, can add a more in-depth experience to your sessions, and your coach can draw on more than just what’s being said. Consequently, you might find that this connection allows your level of trust and understanding to and from your coach to be much deeper than it would be doing the same session virtually, which can be incredibly beneficial to the success of your coaching experience.

A different environment

By dedicating a specific time and space for your coaching session, you could find that you’re more relaxed, allowing for more open and honest conversation, and an overall more successful coaching session. By being in a new environment, having that space allows you to really focus on the coaching session at hand, without thinking about other projects, tasks, or stresses that might come with having virtual coaching from your home office space.

No distractions

In an in-person setting, you can disconnect from devices, office spaces, and home life, and all the distractions that they bring.

Immediate feedback

In-person sessions sometimes provide immediate feedback, as coaches may have an easier time observing clients in real time. By being able to work with you in a more direct sense, some people depending on their style may stand to benefit from this type of environment.

Coaches may also be able to provide more physical activities to do too, such as using props, tools, or diagrams which may not work naturally online.

Whichever direction you want to go in, there’s a coach for you. At EZRA we believe digital coaching is the future, and you can find out today how we can work with you, to get the best out of your coaching experience.

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