Apr 12 2022 | Events
Audience at a coaching event, focused on the speaker

Drop by booth #809 at ATD22 in May to learn how coaching can help organizations tap into the potential of employees at every level.

May 15-18. Register here.

Don't miss our Director of Human Resources Tanisha Tulloch's session on how to unleash performance management.

Three Ways to Unleash Performance Management

Dare to challenge and reimagine traditional forms of performance management. The fierce war on talent in a job seeker's market leaves no space for indecisiveness on your team members’ wellbeing, growth and engagement. The unceasing push to be responsive to market needs is ever-growing but losing sight of retention efforts puts all forms of progression in reverse. 

We cannot continue to simply wash, rinse and repeat our views on performance management every year when 2020 forced us to reimagine how we engage our talent. How we set goals, provide feedback and conduct appraisals was already shifting before the pandemic but let's explore how the awakening of technology, DEI and new working norms (hybrid models) accelerated us into a whole new era that's still being defined.

Let's challenge ourselves to think bigger and beyond anything we've done in the past even if that means we don't have the answer. Isn't that where courage is born? Isn't that how innovation takes root? Isn't that the spark of change that lights the path to the unimaginable? The boldness behind these reflections takes us all out of our comfort zone and you know what? We won't always have a pandemic to force us to think this way.

By the end of this seminar, you will learn to:

  • Navigate the pitfalls of complacency

  • Understand the need to shift and embolden yourself

  • Challenge your own limitations (as it all relates to performance management)

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