Giving first-time managers a springboard to success through digital coaching 

Leadership at PVH, the parent company for global iconic fashion brands including Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, noticed retention and engagement issues among staff in frontline managerial positions for the very first time. Recognizing that going from an individual contributor to a people manager as one of the most difficult transitions in someone’s career, PVH tapped EZRA to create a holistic approach to development for their new people leaders. 

Together, we rolled out a customized three-month “Learning to Lead” program on the EZRA platform pairing our digital coaching solution with formalized learning journeys. As impartial outsiders, our coaches gave these new managers a second opinion and space to debrief on their experience – a great help as they found their feet within their new roles.  

This quickly became one of PVH’s most popular learning and development programs yielding impressive outcomes for their organization including:    

  • Improved retention and engagement of associates 

  • Enhanced people management skills 

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I really believe that coaching has a ripple effect. When you coach one person, it’s a powerful experience that can then translate to them coaching others – and so you’re able to uplift the whole organization.

Megan Comerford, VP, People Strategy & Planning, PVH

The results and impact


adoption rate across the program


average coach rating


said coaching had a 'significant impact' on their professional development

Scaling coaching from the frontline to leadership

After building a strong foundation for coaching within their organization and seeing its tremendous success with frontline employees, PVH adopted EZRAx — EZRA's executive coaching platform — for its senior leaders. Together, we have helped identify new ways to support today's workforce in the ways that work best for them.

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It was almost like a match made in heaven – that we were able to bring the coaching opportunity and this accessibility through the EZRA app to our executive leadership.

Megan Comerford, VP, People Strategy & Planning, PVH

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