Lazada: Case Study

Setting up senior leaders to succeed

Leading by example

Lazada is one of a kind. At this Southeast Asian e-commerce company, the leaders are writing the playbook. They take on tough, unpredictable challenges every day.

Success in this hypercompetitive space means constantly adapting to changes in demand, the marketplace, the brand’s focus, accountability and more. That calls for strong, flexible leaders. People who inspire, develop and connect with their teams.

With so much to deal with, it can be tough for leaders to invest in themselves. But sometimes progress needs to start at the top, so Lazada turned to EZRAx.

No two leaders are alike. Their support shouldn't be either.

Over forty SVPs and EVPs across Southeast Asia partnered with world-class EZRAx coaches. The most common goals were shaping strategy, developing their teams, and how to use their influence well.

But no two leaders faced exactly the same challenges.

Some used EZRAx for one-on-one advice about a particular problem. Others wanted to sharpen skills like motivating their team. But every single leader benefitted from the insights of an experienced coach with an outside perspective.

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When we first realized we needed high support for a high-performance structure, we knew we needed a partner who could work with us. EZRAx seamlessly integrated with our day-to-day operations, creating a sustainable system. And our leadership team was delighted with the results. We strongly recommend EZRAx, it’s the new-age support your execs need.

Robert Kiely

Chief of Staff, Lazada

The results


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The leaders were skeptical at first. But they knew progress when they saw it. Their coaches, all experts with executive experience, provided exactly the sounding board they needed. By the end, one said their coach was as useful as “having an extra arm”.

And the positive changes really did ripple outward. As the sessions progressed and leaders put the coaches’ advice into practice, their teams became more unified and transparent. Retention improved, executives felt more motivated, and they were ready to lead Lazada forward.

The advice from Lazada? Start with senior leadership and watch the changes ripple through the organization.

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