Corus: Case Study

Helping women at Corus find their unique leadership voice

Opportunities for the underrepresented

Corus’ goal as a company is to be a place where all people have the opportunity to show their unique value. 

As part of their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plans, they strive toward helping people from all backgrounds to be themselves and thrive at Corus in a way that felt authentic. And they knew coaching could help on this journey, starting with female leaders.

Because leadership isn’t one-size-fits-all

When we started working with Corus, we knew it was important not to impose one set management style. Rather, we wanted to help female leaders build a sense of belonging – to feel authentic and run the show. 

So with our Find Your Unique Leadership Voice program, our coaches helped women:

  • Lead with context 

  • Define their personal brands

  • Build key skills (like confidence and networking)

The EZRA team really understood our vision for what we wanted the program to achieve and were really responsive in helping us customize the program and the goals.

Lynn Watkins, Director, Talent Development, Corus Entertainment

Since we launched, Corus has scaled the superpower of coaching to other underrepresented communities. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The women who were coached said they’ve created action plans, tackled challenges, built their confidence and grown – both professionally and personally.

The Results and Impact


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Jackie Moss

National Director of Marketing & Promotions, Corus Radio

“Coaching has helped me to be more influential. It helped me better understand the needs of different stakeholders, and tailor my approach to each of them. I really feel that it’s helped me guide decision making.”

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