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Development. Individualized with Focus.

Experience FOCUS
Development made measurable, personal and practical.

Organizations have spent too much time on traditional workplace development programs that don’t lead to measurable results.

At EZRA, we know that great learning starts with the science of how to change behavior for the individual. We’ve taken the proven power of digital coaching and used it to create Focus - short, sharp, engaging individual development that’s delivered one to one.

This is fast, effective learning. And it’s the future.

How Focus is different from other types of learning and development:

Focused on you

One to one development sessions with a world class coach.


Zero in on one topic and get short and sharp interventions.


Backed by behavioral science with measured outcomes and results.


It’s time for a new way of learning.

How it works.

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An 8-10-week program

One topic, because people develop best with a single focus.   Help organizations achieve behavioral change at a scale.

How it works.

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Short, sharp interventions. The moment you need them.

Pick one topic and a world-class coach for your invidualized development plan, backed by behavioral science and technology.

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    Evergreen moments

    Building accountability


    Creative solutions


    Making it happen

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    Career moments

    • First 100 days

    • Unlock your career

    • Supercharge growth

    • Manager mindset

    • Goal setting

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    Organizational moments

    • Navigating change

    • Staying resilient

    • Championing inclusion

    • Powerful conversations

    • Adaptive learner

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