A modern and effective way to coach your executives

EZRAx provides high-quality, executive coaching for the digital age. It’s modern, has been tested by large organizations across the world, and is fully measurable thanks to our proprietary EZRA Portrait assessment.

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Delivering a meaningful difference

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World-class coaches

All our coaches are PCC or MCC certified, meaning you’ll learn from the best.

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A high touch solution

Our high-touch, unlimited solution gives plenty of opportunity to learn and grow.

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A curated bench

Our team curates the perfect bench to match the experiences and needs of your leaders.

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Insightful assessments

With EZRA Portrait, we measure your leaders’ strengths based on nine key attributes.

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AI powered insights

We use generative AI to enable a more interactive and productive user experience.

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EZRAx can help with

1. Executive onboarding
2. Strategic leadership
3. Owning transformation

How our coaching delivers results

Executive coaches

We have PCC certified or equivalent coaches with 20+ years of corporate experience.

Flexible session lengths

30, 60, or 90 minutes. Pick whatever works with your schedule.

Pick your own coaches

Working together, we’ll select the coaches that best suit your needs.

A picture of progress

With EZRA Portrait, you’ll get a clear picture of your progress. Our psychometric-grade impact assessment model highlights your strengths, while showing areas that need coaching.

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Based on decades of research, we’ve identified nine key leadership attributes. From trust-building to goal-getting, mentor-minded to inclusivity-oriented, our executive coaching will focus on improving these areas.


How curated coaching can immediately transform your business