Together, we’re elevating our mission.

Bringing together science and strategy, innovation and insight to transform organizations, one conversation at a time.

We brought together an interdisciplinary team of experts to form our Science Board, joining us as pioneers in the science of coaching and behavioral change. They will play a crucial role in driving innovation, ensuring academic rigor and advancing our scientific foundation.

These world-renowned, innovative thinkers are helping us enhance the quality of our work, challenging us to ensure what we do is always informed by science and help shape our vision for the future. Together, we will continue to transform individual and organizational performance through one-to-one professional coaching and development.

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EZRA’s Science Board represents our commitment to delivering cutting-edge, evidence-based coaching and development solutions. Our clients will benefit from the latest advancements in the science of coaching, professional development and beyond.

Sinéad Keenan

Chief Innovation Officer and Head of EZRA Labs

The Science Board