Introducing EZRA Edge

Jun 11 2024 | Novedades

We took everything you loved about EZRA and gave it that extra Edge

We all know that coaching makes teams more engaged, more productive and more resilient.

But when coaching ends, how do you make sure the behaviors stick? And how do you give people the confidence to go forward and use what they’ve learned in the real world?

Introducing EZRA Edge. It’s everything you love about our core EZRA product, now with an exciting new name. Plus three exciting new features to help people practice the behaviors they learn in coaching, and get them to stick.

Tackle the tricky conversations with Cai

Sometimes all you need is a listening ear. Someone to run ideas by or test out what you’d like to say in a safe space.

Our AI coach, Cai, does exactly that. Your people can roleplay conversations or situations with Cai, getting feedback as they go. It’ll help them feel better prepared and able to apply their coaching in real work scenarios.

Cai is built into the platform, ready to offer support whenever you need it. So it’s much more efficient and easier to roll out, compared to traditional simulation training.

Get managers more involved

People with managers who take an interest in their development are 3.4 times more engaged. That’s why EZRA Edge is bringing the managers into the conversation.

Your managers will get personalized monthly updates on how their team members are doing, as well as tips and advice to help them support their team along the journey – and build their own skills too.

It’s not just about one person developing skills through coaching. They also need the right support. We know that a lot of managers aren’t sure how to talk to their teams about their development, so by giving them science-backed advice, you’ll create a culture of learning that spreads across teams and whole organizations.

Make sure it sticks

Even when your coaching program is done, you’ll still get help from us for the next 90 days. We’ll send participants timely prompts to help them self-reflect and sustain what they’ve learned.

And they’ll still be able to access the platform, so they can keep using tools like Cai to practice.

We’ll also measure the impact by sending out a survey three months after coaching ends, to see how far they’ve come and how changing behavior has helped their organization.

Read more about EZRA Edge to find out how it can help your teams.

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