EZRA launches new leadership psychometric assessment to unlock leaders' full potential

Jul 09 2024 | Novedades

EZRA Portrait offers leaders a powerful advantage: self-awareness.  

It’s a new leadership psychometric assessment, developed specifically for senior leaders on EZRA’s executive coaching program: EZRAx.  

The psychometric assessment for leadership roles gives precise insights into people’s strengths, competencies, and areas for development. And it goes beyond the individual too, exploring the context in which they work and the team that surrounds them.  

By getting to know themselves better, leaders will be able to focus more on tasks that suit them, and work on the areas where they’re coming up short.  

Coaching works. And here's the proof.

  • Grows executives' competence by 11% on average 

  • Connects people to your company mission 

  • Encourages people to stay for longer 

  • Boosts work satisfaction 

  • Builds key leadership skills like resilience, emotional intelligence, ability to motivate others, and creating a diverse team 

We’ve put all our research team’s combined decades of experience into the test, setting a new standard for executive profiling. 

"Great leaders are the cornerstone of thriving organizations," said Dr. Nigel Guenole, Associate Professor of Psychology & Data Science at Goldsmiths, University of London, Founder & Chief Science Officer of MeasureCo, and Member of EZRA’s Science Board. "With EZRA Portrait, we're giving executives a powerful tool to gain a deep understanding of who they are as leaders today and who they can become tomorrow.” 

How EZRA Portrait works for your leaders

Each assessment takes less than 10 minutes to reveal a participant’s personal blueprint.  

They’re measured against nine key leadership competencies, like whether they have a mentor mindset, how well they build trust, and how much they push boundaries. And their report gives a detailed run-down of their full results, including a radar chart to show their profile at a glance. 

Report displaying detailed run-down of results, including radar chart showing profile at a glance.

Giving the full context

EZRA Portrait takes a holistic approach, looking at each leader in full context.  

Focusing on people's full work environment is crucial, as even the most talented leaders can be hampered by external factors. The extra context makes EZRA Portrait a truly personalized experience.  

And it helps save time too. It'll capture all the key information about the exec, their context, and team in 10 minutes flat – then produce a report with a detailed breakdown of organizational and team context. 

Organizational context summarizes the events within the organization that are affecting the participant’s work and team, for better or worse. For instance, has there been a change of leadership? Is the organization expanding?  

Team context summarizes the dynamics within the participant’s team. Like whether there’s time pressure to contend with, and how focused people are on innovation. 

With the full context as well as the specifics, each leader gets a powerful tool to guide not just their coaching conversations, but the rest of their career. 

"We're thrilled to introduce EZRA Portrait to the market," added Nick Goldberg, Founder and CEO of EZRA. "Our goal is to unlock leaders’ full potential, so that they can supercharge their performance and do even more for their organization.”   

For more information about EZRA Portrait, go to https://helloezra.com/ezra-x

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