Finding the Right Digital Coach for You

Jun 07 2023 | Observaciones

When you’re looking for a digital coach, whether it be for a specific team member or for your business as a whole, finding the right fit is essential if you want to see the best results.


Because coaching isn’t just about having someone there if you need it; it’s about collaborating with them, setting achievable goals with them, growing with them, and measuring the successes together as you go. So, finding the right coach to facilitate this process is crucial.

With EZRA’s coaching platform, there are plenty of coaches out there; over 2,000 to be exact. And we’re here to help you find the right one by selecting three coaches for you to choose from based on the goals you tell us you want to reach. But what should you look out for when finding (and keeping) the right digital coach?

We’ve put together some simple suggestions to look out for when you are on your coaching journey.

What to look for in a digital coach

When looking for a digital coach, we suggest identifying:

  • Their expertise & experience

  • Whether their expertise aligns with your goals

  • Whether their working attitude works for you

  • What they expect from you

  • Whether they provide personalized coaching just for you

This way, you’ll see if they’re the right fit for you. Let’s take a deeper look into what you should be thinking about when finding the right digital coach for you.

Their expertise & experience

First things first, ask your questions: What experience do you have? What sort of things have you worked on with previous clients? Do you have any results to share? What exactly is your expertise? How will that help me? You could even ask for testimonials and case studies to find out what clients thought of their coaching services.

Some coaches can claim to be an expert in everything. But most of the time, that’s not the case and they’ll have a niche that they really excel in. That might be anything from leadership coaching to helping to boost organizational skills. Make sure you’re asking the questions before you commit to anything.

Does their expertise align with your goals?

You’ve got to the bottom of your (potential) coach's background. But does that background, and subsequently their expertise, align with the goals you’re trying to achieve? Think about the problem you’re trying to solve – can they help you? If not, you might want to take another look around to make sure you get exactly what you want out of your coaching program.

Does their working attitude work for you?

Like in an interview for a new joiner, you’re looking to see if the coach you’ll be working with is ‘a fit’ – because you’ll be working together for a while. Will you be able to collaborate together, work closely with each other, and make good progress? If you’re finding them harder to connect with, then you’re far less likely to be able to achieve your goals successfully with them.

What do they expect from you?

Any good coach is going to have some expectations from you – because when both parties are held accountable, that’s when you’ll see the best results. If your coach is asking things of you, it shows they care about reaching your goals, and your journey in getting there. To look at it from the other side, you need to know exactly how much time and headspace to give to your coaching so you can accommodate it. There’s no point finding the perfect coach if they expect more from you than you can give. So, if they’ve not already brought up what they’ll need from you, ask them.

Do they provide personalized coaching just for you?

The thing with digital coaching is that it should be unique and specific to you, and only you. Every employee works differently, every employee has different goals, and every employee should have their own timelines in achieving them. If one way of working doesn’t work for you, your coach should have plenty more up their sleeve designed to help you get the most out of your program. They should treat every coaching case as its own, drawing on experiences but adapting them to the individual. If you don’t feel like they can or are doing that, and instead they seem to have a one size fits all mentality, then they’re probably not for you.

If you’re finding it difficult to discover the right digital coach for you, then we’re here to help. With thousands of coaches across the world, and an average coach quality score of 4.85/5, we’re sure you’ll find the right fit. And with our EZRA Measure tool, you’ll be able to track the progress you make with your coach to really quantify how it’s helping you.

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