Common Leadership Mistakes At Work

Aug 17 2021 | Insights
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Being a leader at work comes with a lot of responsibility and commitment. Not only do you have to stay focused on yourself but you have to help to push the positive progression of others. Learn all about how to identify the most common leadership mistakes and fix your approach.

As a leader, it is important to be able to handle important tasks and responsibilities. You will need to set a good example and fulfill high expectations. Leadership entails a lot of pressure. Can’t handle pressure well? You might find yourself starting to make more mistakes. 

These are common among leaders that lack the right skills and self-awareness. Today, you will find out more about common mistakes that leaders make, how to identify them, and how to fix your approach.

The Most Common Mistakes That Leaders Make

Everyone is human and makes mistakes from time to time. No one can be perfect. This includes people in leadership roles. But there are a few common mistakes that leaders tend to make more often than others in different positions. Are you a current or hopeful leader? Here are some of the pitfalls and mistakes that could trip you up. Understanding potential mistakes is a key way to equip yourself against them. 

Lacking an open-mind

Humility can be a challenge for leaders. As a role model, it’s hard to give in and accept you have made a mistake. But leaders who acknowledge their mistakes can learn from them and improve. In doing so, you will be able to pick yourself up and move on.

Dismissing conflict

A good leader knows how to confront conflict and resolve issues. Sometimes you might think that it’s best to avoid conflict in order to be fair. However, leaders can both take an active role in conflict-resolution and remain impartial by helping both parties to communicate their issues and offering a solution. It is best to address these conflicts straight away so that it can be resolved quickly, rather than being swept under the rug.

Coming across as overly friendly 

Although being friendly is a great personality trait in life and work, being overly friendly is not ideal as a leader. Great leaders are approachable, but understand the importance of establishing clear boundaries in the workplace. When you set boundaries, you gain better control over your staff, ensure consistently high standards of professionalism, and can improve your own decision-making.

Lacking feedback skills

A good leader should always give feedback, even if it’s discussing someone’s weaknesses. Always ensure that your approach is friendly so that employees listen and remain motivated, but critical enough to affect the desired behaviour change.

Managing too many tasks instead of people

Another fine line that leaders have to tread is between getting work done and supporting their employees’ growth. When you take on too many responsibilities (a common leadership mistake!) you simultaneously limit the amount of time spent managing your people, and remove the tasks that will really support their development. 

How To Identify If You Are Making Mistakes And Fix It

Making mistakes at work can be difficult to come to terms with, but not recognizing them could hinder both the growth of your business as well as your development as a leader.If you struggle to identify your errors, here are some tips to help you out!

Ask for feedback

Yes, you read correctly- feedback is a two-way street! Requesting feedback on your leadership is a great way to enhance your performance and identify your weaknesses. 

Fix your approach

How do you approach leadership? 

To be the best leader you can be, ensure that you:

  • Create excellent standards-  this will improve your employees’ attitude and show them how to improve at work.

  • Challenge your business- experimenting and taking risks is scary, but it will test the waters and help improve your weaknesses. You might find new ways to improve and transform your business.

Being aware of these common leadership mistakes can prevent you going into your leading role blind. Hopefully this article can help you to identify your own weak points and put in place strategies to address them.

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