Getting set to shapeshift

Kraft Heinz were gearing up to roll out a new global business structure, and they knew it would create a lot of disruption at work. They came to us to help prepare their managers for the challenges ahead.

Teaming up with Ezra

Kraft Heinz wanted to help different leaders, at different levels, across different teams and a dozen countries. The answer? Virtual coaching, of course!

With the company changes looming, we worked together – fast – to:

  • assess exactly what help their managers would need for the journey

  • design a coaching programme around a new corporate culture and values from a new CEO.

As we stepped into our new business transformation, we knew that we wanted to invest in our people.

Stacey Johnson, Head of Leadership and Culture, Kraft Heinz

When the pandemic struck, it didn’t slow us down. In fact, we barely missed a beat: with virtual sessions, flexible schedules and coaches across continents, all of Kraft Heinz’s leaders were able to connect to a coach in a convenient way. (Even the people overseeing 24-hour-a-day production lines!)

The Results and Impact


of leaders would recommend their coach to others


of leaders said using EZRA to was “easy or very easy”

Coaching for everyone

Helping leaders wherever they were and whenever they needed support.  Through several different programmes, Ezra used our coaching app to work with 135 leaders from different levels of the organisation through over 800 individual sessions. The participants included everyone from plant managers to the heads of various product divisions.

Stacey Johnson

Head of Leadership and Culture, Kraft Heinz

“Ezra offered us something different in terms of executive coaching. Our business moves at the speed of light. We’re constantly evolving. One of the things that Ezra offered was pure flexibility for our employees. The ease of being able to find and match with your coach based on a profile on an app. The ability to take a call before work, during work hours, after work. The ability to leverage Ezra’s huge network of leadership coaching so that my employees in China could get a coach compared to our friends in the UK and as well in the US.”

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