Citizens Bank: Case Study

Take coaching to the top. And everyone rises.

Citizens Bank was ready for a digital and agile transformation. They knew that to change an organization, you need to inspire change in your people. But when the pandemic hit, things suddenly got harder. The bank’s leaders had to help their teams work differently, manage their own stress about remote working and keep their culture change moving.

No process or policy change without people change

The time was right for Citizens Bank to invest in their talent and make them feel supported. Enter EZRAx. We launched a coaching program in the heart of the pandemic. To accelerate the development of their leaders and help everyone respond to the challenges of change.

Leadership was redefined.

And two thirds of the leaders chose to lead change as a new focus, at a time when the whole world was struggling with a new normal.

How did it happen?

It was important for leaders to pick their own coach. They were looking for knowledge and experience in their coach. But also a personal connection, so they could build trust and know they were really on the journey together.

Coaches asked careful questions to uncover any barriers and resistance to change. Because coaching doesn’t give you all the answers. It helps you to find them.

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Coaching is a lever to accelerate the change from within that is required to navigate this new disruptive environment.

Yvette Vargas

Head of Development, Citizens Bank

And here are the results and impact:


average coach rating


for professional development


of people said leading change was their focus

The coaches brought out the qualities of empowerment, strategic thinking and innovation in the bank’s leaders. And change at the top ripples out through a business.

Now the leaders understand what coaching is really all about. It’s not giving people directions. It’s helping them find their own way.

Citizens Bank leaders experienced it for themselves. And they’ve learned how to pass it on.
And now most people at Citizen Bank are turning towards change. By choice.

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